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I was looking for an opportunity to learn more about marketing before starting my career. Insadec Training helped me to understand marketing from the grass-root level leading me to perform various promotional activities efficiently within a short time span. The training starts with basic learning and gradually shifted to advance learning as per my comfort and capability. I have used my skills which were developed during this training period not only for marketing activities but also to crack job interviews initially.

I would highly recommend this training programme to everyone.

Parul Manocha, IP University student

This training is very helpful in developing my skills. I learned two things very well from this training-

First - How to lead the team with team spirit.

Second - How to solve the project in an easy way by defining the project in small tasks. These two skills will make my future grow.

Even in the condition of work from home, the mentor helped a lot to do the work easily in a short time. I had a good learning experience at Insadec Training

Thanks & Best Regards

Suneel Singh (Student of MBA)

The training has really helped me to gain and develop my knowledge and skills requirement for corporate culture.

Since task at Insadec Training are carried out in teams and provided in such a way that participation of each and every individual is necessary. I have learnt about being proactive and more over I m trying to adopt this habit as well.

Moreover tasks are really interesting and we can learn with fun.

Thanks & Best Regards

Rani Parween (MBA)

Thanks a lot sir, we learnt a lot from training and enjoyed a lot.

Mansee Rai

Thank you sir for teaching us some new things for our future. We learnt many things in this training.

Priyanka Singh

Thank you sir. I learnt a lot from training.

Shubhangi Rastogi

Thank you I learnt many things in this training.

Safal Yaday

Thank you sir for being a good, exemplary & visionary mentor and for guiding on the right path. I have learnt a lot of things and also increased my knowledge by doing many remote activities.


Thank you so much sir. It was a very good training, I learnt a lot. You always guide us.

Ritu Gupta

Thank you so much sir for teaching us some valuable things which will help us in future to grow and stay motivated. We learnt a lot from you.


It was a great experience for me and yes I have gained a lot of knowledge like negotiation skills, team work, recruitment & interview and how training plays a vital role in career growth. So the aggregate is that it really matters what I gained from this training program.

Parul Vashista

I joined too late but I learnt so many things like team work, leadership qualities and many more in a very short time you are really good mentor and your way of guidance, teaching is really impressive. Thank you so much sir.


Thank you so much sir-ji. You taught me a lot in such a short time. We all enjoyed all the moments and tasks in the training.

Vinay Singh

This training has helped me to build up my inner skills which I was not even aware off. I am really grateful that I enrolled for this training. I am thankful to you Ankur sir for being our mentor and guiding us at every step in this training.

Rani Sana

Thank you sir, you are inspiration for us, your knowledge, experience and behavior are amazing, we learnt a lot from this training.

Yograj Thakur

I am Mahaprasad from Xavier University want to state that, it was a wonderful experience for me to get training from Insadec Training, it was a privilege for me that you were my mentor, throughout the session who guided and supported me a lot. And once again thank you so much sir.

Thank you so much sir for giving me a good adventurous experience throughout the sessions.

Mahaprasad , Xavier University Bhubaneswar.